Playa Vista Insurance Services has a combined total of 25 years in healthcare that includes experience on the clinical side from nursing and nursing administration, to working for the top insurance brokers and carriers in the nation, and delivering stellar service in the area of benefits administration. Founder and President Rachel Sunday began her career as a clinician, and in Nursing Administration.  After experiencing the headache and heartache that patients endured dealing with their health insurance, she decided to pursue a career in the insurance industry to educate members as well as employers on how to understand and utilize their coverage.

After being told that her client relationships were too “personal” and that generating new business was more critical than client retention, Rachel Sunday established Playa Vista Insurance Services (PVIS) in 2012. Clients praise her because PVIS always goes above and beyond other health insurance brokers. There are no restrictions on what she and her team can help with.  Full service is defined as just that: full service.  Always available.  Always dedicated

Client Reviews

Earl G., VP

"The level of service and professionalism I've received from Rachel Sunday and the experienced professionals at Playa Vista Insurance Services is unparalleled... I highly recommend them!"

Scott S., President

"Rachel and her team at Playa Vista Insurance Services are the best. If you don’t yet use PVIS, you should change immediately."

Liberty P., HR Manager

"Working with Rachel Sunday was our best decision yet! Her work ethic and compassion for her clients is like no other. Make the right decision and hire her!"